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APC Smart-UPS® Online for Marine & Offshore Environments High density, double-conversion on-line power protection with scalable runtime, ideal for providing uninterrupted power in critical marine applications. Navigation & Transmission Systems Sound, Lighting & Entertainment Network & Server Protection Propulsion & Automation Systems S.O.L.A.S., VDR, Public Address Systems With over 25 years of industry leading power protection experience, APC by Schneider Electric is proud to offer a solution for marine applications. With navigation and communication equipment becoming more sensitive, it is critical to provide clean, uninterrupted power to these on-board applications. APC Smart-UPS® Online for Marine is a perfect fit. > Available from 1 to 6 kVA > High density and performance suitable for any on-board application > Rack/tower convertible for easy deployment and integration > Hot-swappable, user replaceable batteries > Robust mechanical design > DNV Type approval 2.4 for Marine bridge, deck zone, control rooms and automation Written by Paul Ayers APC Smart-UPS® Online for Marine & Offshore Environments Operation SURT1000XLIM SURTD2200XLIM SURTD3000XLIM SURT6000XLIM Power Capacity 1000VA (700W) 2200VA (1540W) 3000VA (2100W) 6000VA (4200W) Input Voltage (default 230V) 220, 230, 240V 220, 230, 240V 220, 230, 240V 220, 230, 240V Input Voltage Range (Full Load, t ≤ 40°C ) 160V to 280V 160V to 280V 160V to 280V 160V to 280V Input Voltage Range (Half Load, t ≤ 40°C) 100V to 280V 100V to 280V 100V to 280V 100V to 280V Input Voltage Range (Full Load, t= 55°C) 180V to 280V 180V to 280V 180V to 280V 180V to 280V Input Voltage Range (Half Load, t= 55°C) 112.5V to 280V 112.5V to 280V 112.5V to 280V 112.5V to 280V Input Frequency Range 45Hz – 65Hz 45Hz – 65Hz 45Hz – 65Hz 45Hz – 65Hz Input Connection IEC 320 C14 IEC 320 C14 IEC 320 C20 Hardwire (H, N, G) Output Voltage (default 230V) 220, 230, 240V 220, 230, 240V 220, 230, 240V 220, 230, 240V Output Voltage Regulation +/-1% +/-1% +/-1% +/-1% Output Frequency 50/60Hz +/- 3% 50/60Hz +/- 3% 50/60Hz +/- 3% 50/60Hz +/- 3% Efficiency 88% 90% 91% 92% Output Connections (6) IEC 320 C13 (6) IEC 320 C13 (8) IEC 320 C13 (8) IEC 320 C13 (2) IEC Jumpers (2) IEC Jumpers (2) IEC 320 C19 (2) IEC 320 C19 (2) IEC Jumpers (2) IEC Jumpers Technical Specifications Batteries & Runtime Runtime at Full Load 14 min 21 min 14 min 5 min Runtime with (1) External Battery Pack 70 min 80 min 57 min 21 min Runtime with (2) External Battery Pack 130 min 144 min 103 min 40 min External Battery Pack Part Number SURT48RMXLBP SURT192RMXLBP SURT192RMXLBP SURT192RMXLBP Maximum Number of Battery Packs unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited Physical Rack Height 2U 3U 3U 3U Dimensions (mm) H x W x D 432 x 85 x 483 432 x 130 x 660 432 x 130 x 660 432 x 130 x 660 Weight (Kg) 23.0 54.5 54.5 54.5 Emergency Power Off YES YES YES YES Communication Port DB-9 RS-232 RJ-45 Serial RJ-45 Serial DB-9 RS-232 Marine Filter * Part Number SURT023M SURT023M SURT023M online ups supplier in Delhi
Presenting Amaron Quanta the industrial segment SMF battery for UPS applications built to perform forever in short, the lifeline to your UPS applications. Amaron Quanta is a product of fail-safe, fool-proof battery technology produced and tested in premier manufacturing facility. Built to the highest technical competence in its class, the battery is an example of Amara Raja, s commitment to bringing the best of technologies to your table. we are supplier/ dealer of battery in Delhi& NCR..
OUR Product, As the name suggests these batteries are called as Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries. These batteries are predominately used for UPS applications both in stand by use and cyclic use. Rocket's Superior Gas recombination technology ensures that more than 90% of the electrolyte is reused resulting into very low water loss and confirms its maintenance free operation. (dimensions & wattage chart) TECHNICAL FEATURES Non-Spillable Sealed Construction Absorptive Glass Mat (AGM System) ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Container and cover Gas Recombination Maintenance - Free Operation Low Pressure Venting System Heavy- Duty Grids Low Self-Discharge - Long Shelf Life Wide Operating Temperature Range High Recovery Capability DESIGNED LIFE ES Series Designed for Float Life of 4-6 years at an ambient Temperature of 20°C / 68°F. ESC Series Designed for float life of 7-10 years at an ambient temperature of 20°C / 68°F. MAIN APPLICATIONS UPS Systems Telecom Communication & Security Systems Fire Alarm & Security Systems Medical instruments Emergency Lighting Computer Backup Solar Powered Systems, We are supplier of Rocket battery in Delhi.
SMF Battery TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW SMF batteries measure created in an eco-friendly, ISO Certified & trendy plant with a huge producing capability and square measure being sold-out worldwide. There are differences between SMF batteries and other tubular batteries. In SMF Batteries no distilled water or effort is needed and requires only a . There are a wide selection of SMF battery on the market to suit all applications of standby power needs like UPS, electrical converter and Emergency Lights, communication system, hearth Alarm & Security Systems, Railway communication, Electronic group action and money Registers, star Lanterns and Systems, etc. The SMF batteries are available industrial plant charged conditions and have a high period thereby requiring longer time intervals between recharging of batteries available. As we are one of the leading SMF battery manufacturers, we provide the genuine and products that tops in six stigmatic tests. SMF battery dealer in Delhi . SMF battery dealer in faridabad SMF battery dealer in noida SMF battery dealer in gurgaon
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a reliable trader of Amaron Quanta SMF Battery. Ideal for UPS applications, these are designed and developed for longer and safe performance. We offer these in different sizes and specifications to meet the exact application demands. Our range of Amaron batteries is offered to clients at market leading prices and within the stipulated time period. Amaron Quanta SMF Battery Dealer in Delhi . Amaron Quanta SMF Battery Supplier in Delhi . .