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online ups manufacturer Capacity 1KVA to 200KVA Full Digital Signal Processing using the latest DSP technology Parallel operation for Redundancy or Capacity enhancement
Microtek Online UPS : Microtek Max-Series Features : - High frequency and double conversion online technology High end Micro Controller Based Wide Input voltage range Advanced PFC Technology Advanced Battery Management Automatic Battery Charging in UPS off mode Short Circuit and overload protection EMI / RFI noise filter Smart RS232 Communication with monitoring software SNMP card slot (optional) LCD/LED Display simultaneously Specially designed to suit Indian power and environment conditions Generator Compatible Isolation Transformer (Optional) Over Temperature Protection. Different output Voltage settings. Output Frequency fixed at 50Hz or can be synchronized with Input Frequency. Static Bypass Enable or Disable. Outlets Programmable and non programmable. Protection from DC Fan failure. Microtek Online Ups Dealer in Delhi . Microtek Online Ups Supplier in Delhi .
To facilitate smooth functioning in banking, insurance and in other service institutions, it became necessary to maintain the latest financial software packages, global networking facilities and user-friendly ATM services. This, in turn, has led to a large-scale computerization and consequent need for back-up power or Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), to avoid the ever-increasing problem of power failure. The integral part of a UPS is the battery bank. The battery acts as a back-up power source that supports the UPS system. The most popular battery system being used with UPS is the Lead acid battery system. Broadly there are two types of Lead Acid batteries suitable for UPS – SMF VRLA batteries and Tubular batteries. Smf Battery Dealer in Delhi . Smf Battery Supplier in Delhi . Rocket batteries Supplier in Delhi . Rocket batteries Dealer in Delhi
ONLINE UPS Power is your Business Life Line. The more you have the better for your business growth and productivity and losing it may prove disastrous for your business. So, for uninterrupted power security and performance preserve it with Incredible online ups system. Our goal of zero defects and total customer satisfaction makes us the preferred supplier for many major companies in the electronics and information industries. At, our quality is measured by our products. Our sophisticated technology has enable us to cater to varied needs of power distribution and backups, we provides a complete line of power electronics products. These include Online UPS up to 4000kva, battery chargers, Solar UPS System, Servo Stabilizer, Solar Inverters, and AC/DC Convertor. Moreover our vast industry experience and our presence have enabled us to offer our technologically advanced power solutions as per the requirements of our customer .As we lay considerable efforts to study the requirements and provide solution through continuously upgraded product by our continual research and development so as to offer our client. Online Ups supplier in Delhi . Online Ups Dealer in Delhi . Online Ups supplier in gurgoan . Online Ups Dealer in Faridabad Online Ups supplier in Ghaziabad . Online Ups Dealer in Noida .
SMF Battery TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW SMF batteries measure created in an eco-friendly, ISO Certified & trendy plant with a huge producing capability and square measure being sold-out worldwide. There are differences between SMF batteries and other tubular batteries. In SMF Batteries no distilled water or effort is needed and requires only a . There are a wide selection of SMF battery on the market to suit all applications of standby power needs like UPS, electrical converter and Emergency Lights, communication system, hearth Alarm & Security Systems, Railway communication, Electronic group action and money Registers, star Lanterns and Systems, etc. The SMF batteries are available industrial plant charged conditions and have a high period thereby requiring longer time intervals between recharging of batteries available. As we are one of the leading SMF battery manufacturers, we provide the genuine and products that tops in six stigmatic tests. SMF battery dealer in Delhi . SMF battery dealer in faridabad SMF battery dealer in noida SMF battery dealer in gurgaon